A Engrenagem • LAB

In parallel to the authoral work (Da Janela/ Imaginante), “A Engrenagem • LAB” is a format in which the group performs an all improvised music.

Without any compositions or arrangements as starting points, the inspirations to create are given by the free aesthetic expression and dialog with the context (place, public, moment).

Da Janela

The new album “Da Janela” was recorded in Sweden in 2016 in a very important moment for the group due to the transitions of members and new aesthetic musical approaches, expanding their possibilities of artistic expressions.

At this new project, A Engrenagem reunited many different sounds and feelings. A mix of organic and synthetic, shallow and deep.

“Da Janela” is known by its eclectic compositions, vignettes and multiple sensations.
New perspectives around every day news.


Premiere work, created on the first formation of the group.

The first audiovisual show format, in which the public was placed as part of the show through the use of video-projection.