da janela

“Look at this whole world in which we live
the world which we have created. The society is the result of our own complex life. We are conditioned by health, by the environment
by our culture, by our nationalism and so on. Unless we break through all this condition
we’ll go on as we have been going on, for thousands of years. So violence will go on, corruption. Each one seeking it’s own fulfilment in this place
and pursuing it’s own ambitions,
isolated.Where there is isolation, there must be conflit.
So, could we, this morning, go into all of this?”
Jiddu Krishnamurti


Recording Engineer

  • David Storm
  • Edith Bremer assistant

Mixing / Mastering

  • Ricardo Ponte

Art and Photography

  • Bruno Pinheiro photography
  • Felipe Cavalcante graphic design
  • Hieronimus do Vale video projection

Executive Producer

  • Júlia Rizzo

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